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Books by John L McLure


A Cancer Treatment by Jon McLure

A Cancer Treatment
A Journey on the Transformation Away From Cancer: a Fictionalized Autobiographical Tale
By John L McLure

“A Cancer Treatment” is a fictionalized account of the author’s personal experience with using nutritional therapy as an alternative to traditional cancer treatments.

John McLure describes a cancer treatment that he feels is more humane. His commitment to it brought about a transformation. His participation put him in charge of his own healing. “A Cancer Treatment” is a push to further a cause; a cause that approaches the origin of cancer through the many imbalances in our human existence. He confirms this science by outliving his dismal forecast by 14 Years

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Radio Interview with John McLure

In January 2017, John McLure was interviewed by Daniel Hartigan on Black Sheep Radio, Wool 91.5, about his book, “A Cancer Treatment…”. Click here to listen to the interview.

Many thanks to Black Sheep Radio for presenting this important topic to the public and for allowing John to share this recording.

Black Sheep Radio, WOOL 91.5




Baba À Louis Bakery Bread Book by John McLureBaba À Louis Bakery Bread Book
The Secret Book of the Bread

by John L McLure

Brings to life the day-to-day routines and pleasures of the craft in a practical but gently humorous text liberally salted with anecdotes, observations, historical notes and quotations.

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